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About Magic Foam™


Magic Foam™ is a revolutionary new way to effortlessly remove the toughest streaks and stains in your household. No more tea stains, ingrained grease, stains on wooden tables .You do not have to be mad while seeing marker & crayon scribbles on the wall! A piece of Magic Foam™ and water can easily erase those graffiti for you.

Magic Foam™ offers a unique cleaning solution that is both powerful and easy. Magic Foam™ and a little bit of water makes the traditional sponge, cleaning products and elbow grease totally unnecessary in the battle against those hard to remove stains. Magic Foam™ works within seconds. Just wet it and wipe clean. The pads can be re-used until they are worn out.

Magic Foam™ is different from a conventional sponge. It is a super structure with the newest innovation since micro-fiber. It has the unique characteristic of penetrating the grooves of the surface in order to loosen and remove lodged dirt.

Magic Foam™ makes hard and unpolished surfaces to shine. This includes sinks, pans, cooking utensils, plates, burners, stainless steel and plastic, doors, floors, garden furniture, sports shoes, golf set, leather upholstery, rims, spokes as well as pencil, crayon and marker scribbles on painted walls. In short, it is an all-round, powerful, easy-to-use and environmentally safe product.


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Magic Foam™ is a registered trade mark under GreenCARE Promotion (NZ) Co., Ltd Environmentally Sound.

Environmentally sound
Environmentally Friendly

Magic Foam™ is produced without using halogenated hydrocarbons, flame-retardants and/or toxic heavy metals.

Magic Foam™ does not contaminate water. The product is free of blowing agents when it is supplied and is not subject to labeling requirements under the China hazardous material regulations.

Systems using Magic Foam™ reduce the weight, thereby contributing to energy savings and to a reduction in emissions.

Thanks to its property profile, Magic Foam™ contributes to efficient energy utilization and to improving the well-being of people in buildings and vehicles.