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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magic Foam™ made of?
Magic Foam™ is a compression of very fine fibers produced with a patented technology . Thanks to its extremely fine structure, Magic Foam™ can easily remove all kinds of dirt like a micro vacuum cleaner by wetting with water.

Is Magic Foam™ safe to humans?
Yes, Magic Foam™ is raw material is a type of plastic which is used in different applications such as the plastic plates, bowls and spoons for food. It is safe to the environment and humans. It derives its magic cleaning powers from the specially compressed structure.

What is the difference between Magic Foam™ and a normal Sponge? The micro fibers of Magic Foam™ can remove dirt from all hard surfaces without having to use any detergent. A normal sponge is much less compressed, so in order to clean and remove dirt and stain, you always need to use powerful detergents such as sprays, scouring products and bleach products.

On what surface can I use the Magic Foam™ ?
Magic Foam™ works best on hard surfaces.

Do I need to apply pressure with Magic Foam™
No. You don’t need to apply pressure. That is why you can enjoy your Magic Foam™ longer.

Is it normal that my Magic Foam™ shows signs of wearing?
Yes, it is normal. Magic Foam™ is a consumable product and it is liable to wear due to its foam structure.

It looks as if the dirt stays in the Magic Foam™ after I have used it, is this normal?
Yes, it is, but you can still use the Magic Foam™ as usual. The dirt is absorbed by the structure of the micro fibers, but the effect of the Magic Foam is the same. You can also cut off a piece of the Magic Foam™ and use that first on heavy dirt.

Do I have to use any cleansing agent with the Magic Foam™ ?
No, not at all. What you need is only a little bit of water.

What surfaces can I use Magic Foam™ on?
Magic Foam is best suited to hard surfaces.

How long does the Magic Foam™ last?
A smooth surface as opposed to rough surface will prolong the life of the sponge. By cutting sponge to smaller sizes for smaller jobs will also allow sponge to last longer and by applying light pressure when using. Magic Foam can be used until it totally disintegrates, so you will know when it needs replacing.

Where can Magic Foam™ be purchased?
Magic Foam™ may be purchased by calling 09-9743281 or E-MAIL TO: by clicking here to order online.

Magic Foam™ is environmentally safe and friendly to sensitive skin. Magic Foam™ lifts, grabs and traps dirt, grime and mould without the use of any chemical or detergent cleaning products.

What can you clean with Magic Foam™ ?
The Magic Foam™ removes dirt and stains quickly and thoroughly from:

  • Finger Print
  • Shower Doors and Bathroom Tiles
  • Toys
  • Kitchens
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Sinks
  • Doors
  • Pans, Plates and Burners
  • Stainless Steel
  • The Inside of Microwave Ovens
  • Streaks on Linoleum Floors
  • Shoe Smudges and Garden Furniture
  • Sports Gear and Accessories ( e.g. golf set)
  • Telephone Set, Copy Machine, Fax Machine
  • Computer Key Boards
  • Refrigerator and Washing Machine Surface

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