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Everyone enjoys a clean and tidy house. That is why GreenCARE Promotion (NZ) Co. Ltd develops smart products to make house cleaning easier, more economical and more environmentally safe which gives you more time for your family!
The innovative product GreenCARE Promotion (NZ) Co. Ltd has launched is named Magic Foam™. This powerful foam pad cleans even the toughest dirt with ease.
Magic Foam™ and a little bit of water makes the traditional sponge, cleaning products detergent and elbow grease totally unnecessary in the battle against those hard to remove stains.
This works in seconds: just wet it and wipe clean.
Is easy to cut into any size you like.

You can get the great cleaning power of the Magic Foam™ in a size that is perfect for those small single jobs, whenever tough stains or marks appear in those hard to reach places. After use, you just rinse the pad and it is ready for re-use! Quick, easy and powerful cleaning with just a little tap water!

Magic Foam™, moistened only with water, is a great surface cleaner, removing most marks and stains.

Magic Foam™ lifts, grabs & traps dirt, grime and mould without the use of any chemical or detergent cleaning products.

Magic Foam™ is environmentally safe and friendly to sensitive skin.

About Us

GreenCARE Promotion (NZ) Co., Ltd has been focusing on promotion of environmentally friendly products which provide better solutions to a healthy life.

Magic Foam™ is one of the innovative products from GreenCARE Co. Its contribution to home and environment has been recognized worldwide by users joining us every day.

Improving life quality is our persevering objective.

Our Vision

To become a world’s premier environmental solutions company.

Our Mission

By anticipating needs for environmental improvement and market trends, we stay one step ahead. We will strive to continuously provide innovative materials, products, solutions and service for improving people’s lives and environmental quality around the world.

Core Values

Helping customers to be more successful by ensuring sustainable profit development and guarantying a healthy and safe working environment.

Forming the best team is the mainstay of our vision.